Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nacho Night!

I was looking through the freezer this morning seeing what I had that would be easy to make for dinner. I found my leftover beer taco meat in there. 5 minutes in the microwave & that's done. I have a bag of baked Tostitos (big bag from Sam's Club costs about $3), 2 avocados ($.59 each at Aldi), onions, fat free refried beans, tomatoes, light sour cream & cheese on hand. It's a sign...we are meant to have nachos tonight.

Use the guac recipe from my earlier post. I happen to have the chips shaped like little cups, so I make little individual nachos filled with beans and/or meat, salsa & cheese and stick them under the broiler for a few minutes. Then just top them with whatever "cold" toppings you like.

Here is a link to the guac & taco meat recipes:

I had to make sure the avocados weren't poison.
Jake had a run in with Karma tonight. I told him to stop running in the kitchen twice. He then slipped and fell and busted his lip. Lesson learned and mommy wasn't the bad guy.

Broiler is on...time to fill the cups!...and have a brewski. Beans & leftover taco meat & cheese.

Time for a cold sample...juuuuussst to make sure that guac wasn't poisoned.

2 minutes later...NACHO TIME!

Top with yummy toppings & time to eat.

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