Monday, February 15, 2010

Tonight's Meal? Beer Tacos with Ground Beef

Aldi has corn tortillas for $.35/pack and their avocados this week were $.49/each! That means it's a taco kind of week.  If you're a vegetarian, just use some refried beans or some sauteed peppers & onions. If you like it, use a meat substitute (like Boca ground)

Beer for the tacos....

Beer for the mama...
2 avocados for less than $1

Don't you just HATE when you get a black avocado?

At least one of them was perfect. So, I guess it cost me $.98 for one. The dog loved the black one. 

Don't mess with this mama. Haaaa!

Finished beer taco meat with green chilis, red pepper, red onions & corn added into it.


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