Friday, February 19, 2010

Where's The Fish?

You are going to start to notice a pattern in my meals....very very few of them have any seafood in them. Why, you ask?

 My husband is a McGurn. McGurn men do NOT eat seafood. It's a fact. He doesn't like the smell or the taste and can pick out the teeniest little bit of something fishy in an entire restaurant full of people. This is reason number one.

Reason number two? I live near Chicago. Is there an ocean nearby? No. This means that fish either needs to travel to the middle of the country from the ocean (getting stinkier & less fresh each hour of it's journey) OR it needs to be frozen. This makes for a mediocre seafood experience. It's smelly (and seafood should smell like the ocean, not a rotting fish carcass on the beach) or the consistency is messed up after it's frozen. Ehhhh. Not great.

There's a third reason? Really? Yes. Since we don't live near the ocean, seafood is much more expensive here in the midwest. After all, we have to pay for that freezing and packaging and transportation of those stinky little guys.

I'm all for fresh seafood. I personally love it. When I am on vacation near an ocean, I'll eat it every day. I really enjoy catching my own fish to eat. They taste best. You fought the battle and won and now you get to eat your reward!

You will find the occasional fishy/seafood recipe. I make a mean tuna salad (without mayo - that's my own personal kryptonite) and killer crab cakes.

Just don't expect many recipes with seafood from this gourmom.

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