Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Breakfast/Brinner Skillets

At our local diner, a breakfast "skillet" costs about $9 for one. I can make enough to easily feed a family of 4-5 for about $6!!!


1 package of refrigerated hash brown potatoes (I get at Aldi for about $2/package) - If you don't have pre-packaged hash browns - do this:  Shred/grate your potatoes on a box grater. Rinse them well in a colandar....then dry the shit out of them. Like REALLY DRY! Then they will get crispy. The starch and water make for soggy browns, so just make sure they are really rinsed and really dry.
1 package of bacon (or turkey bacon, ham, sausage...whatever breakfast meat you have) - I stocked up when Joseph's Market had Jimmy Dean bacon on sale for $1.79/package and threw them in the freezer.
1/2 red pepper diced
1/2 red onion diced
Any other veggies you like - spinach is great, so is asparagus...but my eaters are picky.
Shredded Cheese

First things first. Time to cook the bacon. I dice the entire package while raw, then you can just toss all of it into the pan at once. Work it & separate it out. We like our bacon extra crispy.
When the bacon grease gets "foamy" the bacon will be crispy. Remove the bacon & put on some paper towels to drain & set aside.

Pour off the bacon grease & reserve it for the potatoes. Leave a little residual fat in the pan because...

Next up? Veggies. I do them separately because my son (who loves raw peppers & onions) loathes cooked peppers & onions.  Add the veg to the pan, season with salt & pepper and cook until softened.
Remove from the pan & place on paper towels...set aside.

Now it's tater time. Add a good couple of tbsp of the bacon grease back into your hot skillet and leave it on medium/high heat. Add in the hash browns. Press them down with a spatula or spoon, season them with salt & pepper and LEAVE THEM ALONE for about 7-8 minutes. This ensures nice golden & crispy taters.


I must add that using the same skillet for all of the cooking is not only great for the dish washer in the house, but the layers of flavor that build in the pan all get transferred into the potatoes. I needed something to do while the browns "did their thang" so I clipped some coupons.

After about 7 minutes, drizzle a bit more bacon grease on the raw side of the potatoes. Divide them into sections and with your best ability, try to flip the sections over so the raw side can get nice & brown and crispy. (I forgot to take a pic...I was busy clipping & cooking eggs!)

While the taters are finishing up, get a small skillet hot, spray with cooking spray and cook up your eggs in the style that you prefer (we like over-medium) & season with salt/pepper.

I flipped these babies like a champ tonight!

Now all you have to do is stack it up! Potatoes are the first layer, followed by it gets all ooey gooey melty and delicious.

Then add the veggies, bacon and top with the eggs.  I usually top with diced tomatoes, but I totally spaced on it tonight. It was still fabulous.

VOILA!  It was killer and sooo cheap to make.

I'm saying "delicious" with my eyes...can you tell?

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