Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

Since I was born, raised & still live in Chicagoland...I am a bit of a hot dog snob. Ketchup is not allowed!!!!  The Chicago Style Hot Dog is like the bloody mary of the encased meat world.  Let me show you the way!


Vienna Beef Hot Dogs - if you can't find Vienna Beef dogs, you can use an all beef hot dog and that will do.

Poppyseed Hot Dog Buns - they must be poppyseed!

Mustard - just plain old yellow fancy schmancy dijon or honey mustard.

Diced Onion

Sweet Pickle Relish

Sliced Tomato

Celery Salt - nearly every home in the Chicago area is stocked with celery salt for the sole purpose of putting it on the hot dogs.  It is a necessity!

Thin dill pickle slices (If you have them - I didn't have any today, so I omitted them, but they are great and add a fantastic tang to the dog)

Hot Sport Peppers - optional

Wet 2 paper towels and squeeze out the excess water. Line a paper plate with one, place your buns on it and top them with the other damp towel. This will steam the buns in the microwave. 30 seconds is all it takes and make sure you don't micro them until you are ready to eat.
You can grill the dogs if you prefer, but any joint you go to around here boils them. It's easier, quicker and it is a hot day today, so I opted to boil them to keep the recipe authentic.  They only need about a 5 minute dip in the boiling water.

Finely dice your onion and deseed the tomato and slice into thin slices.

Now you are ready to steam the buns in the microwave.  When they are warm, take a dog out of the hot tub and place on the bun.

Now give them a good squirt of mustard.

Next come the onions.

Now the relish.

If you have the dill pickle slice, add it on one side of the dog. Then place the tomato slices on the other side.  If you are adding the sport peppers, wedge them in there too.

Don't forget a sprinkle of celery salt!

Time to chow down! Mmmmmmm. Tastes just like home to me.

Remember that ketchup is a no-no on a Chicago dog. These are authentic and out of this world.


Alison Hunt said...

Love this post! I work for Vienna Beef and so glad to see that you used Vienna dogs! Best dogs around!

Melissa said...

The Vienna Beef dogs are essential for a "real" Chicago-style dog! They are the best hot dogs around.