Thursday, April 1, 2010

Peanut Butter & Banana Frozen Dog Treats (Ice Pups)

Trucker, my black lab, loves to eat. Why should our pets have to eat crunchy & costly treats? I personally have no idea what goes into most commercial dog treats, so I figured I'd make Mr. Trucker some frozen "ice pups" for these warm and sunny days.  They are so easy & use ingredients that most of us have around the house anyways. I guarantee your dog will love them.

2 cups of plain yogurt
3 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp honey
1 ripe banana - mashed

Mash your banana with a fork.

Add in the honey & peanut butter and mix well.

Then mix in the yogurt.

Use a spoon to put into ice cube trays and freeze 'em up! DONE! Inexpensive & healthy treats for your favorite pooches. 


J Dot said...

Molly the Dog says (pretending she is Joey from Friends): Peanut Butter. Good! Honey. Good! Bananas. Good!

Unknown said...

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