Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stuffed Cheeseburgers

This is a great way to jazz up a plan ol' cheeseburger. It's like there's a little ooey-gooey surprise waiting for you when you bite into it! They are just as easy to make as a normal burger, but they seem so much fancier when the cheese is hidden and melty on the inside.

1 lb of lean ground beef (or turkey, pork, chicken or lamb)

A few slices of cheese - I used Chihuahua cheese because I had it leftover from last week and it melts extremely well.

If you don't do cheese, you can get creative and stuff with mushrooms, carmelized onions, spinach, bacon or just about anything else you can come up with that is tasty on a burger.

Burger or Steak Seasoning (or just plain old salt & pepper will do)


Burger Fixin's - like lettuce, tomato, onion, mustard, bbq, ketchup etc...

First, get the grill fired up. While the coals are getting hot, start making the patties.  You will take a small handful of meat and really make a thin, wide patty out of it. I made three tonight.

Next, slice your cheese (or other fillings) and place in the center of each patty making sure that it doesn't come too close to the edge of the patty.

Now make your "topper" patty with another thin large piece of meat. Lay the top patty on to the bottom one covering the filling well. Now pick up the whole thing and make sure that it's sealed up around the edges.

Season with some burger seasoning or salt/pepper. Toss on the grill and grill just like a normal burger, but only turn them once or else you may have a filling explosion if you mess with them too much.

Done! Top with your favorite burger fixin's and dig in!

 I made some baked french fries to go along with our burgers tonight. The cheese just oozes out and gets sooo melty. They are fantastic and kind of a gourmet way of doing a burger.

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