Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Panini - yeah, it IS fun to say!

I've been in a bit of a cooking rut lately. Lots of burritos, quesadillas and paninis. Now, there really isn't much into making any of these, hence, my reason for not posting many recipes lately.

I made some killer paninis though and thought I'd share some delicious combinations for your next grilled cheese night.

I use a Turano Italian boule that is pre-sliced for my own ease. They are REALLY big pieces of bread, so Jim and I usually split one.

I still have some jarred pesto from making my pasta salad a few weeks ago, so I utilized that in my sammies. You could use homemade pesto OR just use some fresh basil leaves from your herb garden.

I also had some plum tomatoes b/c they were on sale at Joseph's. I splurged for this experiment and got some pancetta (it's like un-smoked Italian bacon) and some prociutto (Italian ham) - capicola would also be fantastic for these (it's a spicy Italian ham)

I always seem to have mozzarella cheese on hand too, so I used that.

My first panini had pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto. It was fantastic, but I thought it was missing something. Next time I quickly seared the tomatoes in a skillet. Voila! OMG! It made all the difference in the world. Sear or grill your tomatoes before putting them on a sandwich! It's a whole new flavor/texture sensation!

Late night on Saturday, Jim and I were hungry. I whipped up some pesto, prociutto and mozzarella paninis. Jim was IN HEAVEN. He didn't think he'd like it, but it was right up his alley. Italian Ham & Cheese!

The other day, I made some pancetta, arugula, pesto, mozzarella and tomato paninis. Italian BLT! It was fantastic as well.

Jake had a peanut butter & banana panini yesterday for lunch. Hey - we gotta use the whole loaf of bread and it is ginormous.

Jim had a chicken, cheese & bbq panini for lunch yesterday. 

Yeah, we've had A LOT of sandwiches lately.

 Here are some pics of some the sammies we had:

Make sure you press it down really well.

Then drizzle with olive oil and pop into a hot skillet or on a panini press (which I don't own)

I just manually press it down with my spatula.

You can make a sandwich out of about anything, so just think of this as some inspiration.

Here is a pic of me and one of my beautiful burritos that I've been alternating with paninis. Again, another versatile food. I make burritos out of all sorts of crazy things, but this one was chicken, tomatoes, lettuce,  avocado, salsa, sour cream & cheese. Pretty traditional, but still delicious.

Last night we had ground beef, poblano & refried bean burritos.

I told you I was in a cooking rut.

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